Baton Rouge Feminist

Consciousness Raising

Using feminist theory, we discuss each other's experiences under patriarchal oppression. These meetings are not formal; they are discussion oriented and not hung up on theory. We meet at one of our homes in a private, safe space where we can freely express ourselves.


The purpose of CR is to become aware of gender oppression, to break down barriers amongst ourselves, and to build a sense of pride in who we are. It also helps us to see that what seems like personal drama in our lives isn't so much personal as it is political. We sit in a circle and openly discuss femininity under patriarchy, what preoccupies us, what drives us, what hurts us, and how to move towards liberation.

This group is for women and those with experiences with femininity. Any gender variant who, for example, has been either raised and/or conditioned as a girl or who currently (or for some length of time) passed, identified, or was/is perceived as a woman/girl/feminine subject is welcome to attend.

Everyone is invited to bring food and drinks. There will always be enough food for dinner.